Carlos Ramirez

Mr. Ramirez has nearly three decades of experience and prestige in the tax industry. He founded Latin American Business Institute, in 2013, with the purpose of sharing his knowledge with tax professionals in the Hispanic community, helping them to expand their tax and accounting consulting firms.


Since its inception, Latin American Business Institute has helped more than 4,000 Spanish-speaking individuals of different nationalities in their tax professionalization, using online and in-person classes and study methods. His knowledge in the tax industry is recognized widely throughout the country and the Hispanic tax community with his YouTube channel accumulating over 149,000 subscribers and 18,327,838 all-time channel views. He is incredibly well-informed in tax solutions to complex individual and business tax problems and dedicated to continuing education.


Mr. Ramirez’s latest sold-out venture, Miami Tax Convention, is an extension of just that, committed to helping further the education of his students but on a larger scale. Mr. Ramirez’s areas of expertise include domestic and international taxation for individuals and businesses.